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[AMPS] Philips 5868 ?

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Subject: [AMPS] Philips 5868 ?
From: (John Lyles)
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 14:14:42 -0700
They'd probably be fine for the modulators in a class B audio P-P curcuit.
They need a grid bias supply to set them idling OK. And probably a good
dose of negative feedback around the modulator, like Gates and RCA used to
do in their AM Tx's.

Personally I loved the 833's cause they look so strange with no socket. I
bet a lot of hams are going that way for high power AM. Amazing. I just
finished looking at a copy of the latest Electric Radio pub, and
admiring the Heathkit Chippewa with a pair of 4-400's in AB1. Now that's nice.

>I had an industrial amp that used 4 of them John....sold  the tubes since
>they are in industrial demand and kept the goodies.  Would you consider
>them as modulator tubes?  With AM growing that may be an option for ham
>use anyway.

My W. T. LaRose Thermall RF heater has one 5868 in TPTG (tuned plate tuned
grid) oscillator arrangement at 90 Mhz or so.


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