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[AMPS] Viewstar PT1000

To: <>
Subject: [AMPS] Viewstar PT1000
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 98 08:20:33 -0800
>On Sun, 22 Mar 1998 20:02:41 -0700 Kevin Nathan <> writes:
>>I recently purchased one of these amps and just brought it home 
>>This morning when I took it out to the ham shack, it slipped out of my 
>>and dropped onto the operating table.  Everything seemed physically 
>>but when I try to load the amp with about fifty watts drive the plate 
>>starts to arc.  I don't know yet but may need to replace the cap or 
>>parts.  does anyone on this list know where I can locate parts for it?
>>Supposedly, it is the same as the B&W 1500 or some such.
>>thanks for any help you can give and 73 from K7RX.
>>Kevin nathan          
>I may be a bit confused Kevin but I believe that amp had a single 3-500Z.
>If that is indeed the case it had a reputation for problems that were due
>to a poor PI-L design.

What was the design 'poor', Carl?
- thanks -


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