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[AMPS] Penta PL-175A

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Subject: [AMPS] Penta PL-175A
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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 09:16:30 EST
On Wed, 25 Mar 98 22:13:46 -0600 Jon Ogden <> writes:
>Howdy all,
>I have a couple of Penta PL-175As that were pulled from an old 
>Johnson-Viking Invader.  Is this tube a replacement for the 3-500z?  
>sure looks a lot like it.  If not, can someone point me to the specs 
>this tube and what it does?  I can't find data on it in any of my tube 
>Thanks es 73,

It is a pentode version of the 4-400A Jon; in use it was a direct swap
for the 4-400A by just grounding the suppressor grid. Its claim to fame
was a slight bit more output. 
The Invader came with 4-400A's BTW.

73  Carl  KM1H

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