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[AMPS] TWE Solid State 1Kw linear

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Subject: [AMPS] TWE Solid State 1Kw linear
From: (Steve Thompson)
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 19:51:52 +0000
In message <>, Peter
Hers <> writes
>I am repairing a Trans World Electronics T1000 1kW linear amplifier, and
>need to find a source for PT9790 transistors.  These were made by TRW,
>which was taken over by Motorola some years back.  Motorola tells me that
>the PT9790 was discontinued in 1995, and they no longer have any stock.
>I have considered substitutes, eg: MRF429, but this may cause imbalance
>unless I replace all eight final tr's - could be rather expensive!
>Help!  Can anyone direct me to a source for PT9790, or provide any other

I'm sorry to bring gloom but yesterday two suppliers told me that MRF429
has been made obsolete.

What voltage does this amp. run on?


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