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[AMPS] FS : 0.2 MF 10KV caps

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Subject: [AMPS] FS : 0.2 MF 10KV caps
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 98 06:01:48 -0800
>On Thu, 26 Mar 98 21:16:50 +0800 "Shawn Tayler" <>
>>On Thu, 26 Mar 1998 10:04:55 EST, km1h @ wrote:
>>>I have 5 of the above, all GE Pyranol and complete with brackets. 
>>>Good for PS choke tuning or a Hi-Pot tester; I use one in mine and these
>>>test to beyond 13KV.
>>You might be careful there Carl.  Pyranol has PCB's in it....
>So what?

Amen, it is a superb dielectric due to it's extreme stability.  

>They are not leaking and I cant imagine anyone wishing to sleep with

To preclude pcb leaks, clean off the areas around the neoprene insulator 
gaskets with acetone.  When dry, force GE silicone rubber sealant into 
and around each neoprene seal to form a backup seal.  Also, mounting 
brackets tend to place stress on the case seams.  This problem can be 
avoided by using silicone rubber sealant to mount the capacitors.  
>I dont think it was necessary to do a scare post to the whole reflector
>either. Give the readers credit for a lot of common sense...not EPA

PCB is found in penguins in Antartica.  
>So what do we have so far:
>PCB's will give us cancer

Not the prob.  Poly Chlorinated Biphenals interfere with normal 
biological processes because they are so stable.  

>Lead will make us brain dead

The harmful effect is mostly to the developing brains of children.  

>RF will fry our brains

Listen to Channel 6 for a few minutes.  

>AC fields from plate xfmrs will shrivel our peckers
>Solder fumes will do all of the above.

Rosin flux fumes do not affect brain function, do not affect brain 
function, do not affect brain function do not ... ...  . .. ..... .. .  

>Im sure I missed several others
>Well at least the silver on the tank coils will ward off vampires.
Silver in the room undoubtedly helps, Carl, however, lighting two or more 
Queen of the Universe candles _and_ keeping them in plain sight 
reportedly helps boost the power of silver.  .


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