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[AMPS] RCA 6181

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Subject: [AMPS] RCA 6181
From: (Peter Chadwick)
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 09:26:05 +0100
Info from RCA Tube manual TT5

Ceramic - metal, forced air cooled heater-cathode type used as an RF power
amplifier and oscillator. May be used with full input to 200Mc. Class C
telegraphy maximum plate dissipation CCS2000watts, must be operated in
vertical position, either end up. Air flow must be adequate to limit the
radiator core and the terminal temperatures to their specified maximum
values. Heater power, plate power and air flow may be removed

Heater voltage AC/DC 120 max volts. Because the cathode is subjected to
considerable back bombardment as the frequency is increased, with resultant
increase in temperature, the heater voltage should be reduced depending on
operating conditions and frequency to prevent overheating the cathode and
resultant short life.

Heater current at 120volts  1.6 amps

Minimum heating time at 117volts    5 minutes
mu factor g2-g1   7  (plate volts 1000, g2 volts 400, plate amps 1)

Direct inter electrode capacitances

grid 1 to plate 0.4pf max (with external flate metal shield having a
diameter of 8 inches and centre hole approx 3-7/16 diameter. Shield is
located in plane of g2 terminal, perpendicular to tube axis, and is
connected to grid 2 terminal.

grid 1 to cathode and heater  46pf

plate to cathode and heater, measured as for plate to grid except hole is
approx 3 inch diameter and connected to grid 1 terminal          0.1pf

grid 1 to grid 2  50pF
grid 2 to plate 22pf
grid 2 to cathode and heater, measured under same conditions as plate to
cathode capacity, 4.4pf

max radiator temperature, measured on core at end adjacent to plate terminal
flange 180deg C

seal and terminal temperature, for cathode, heater, grids 1 and 2 and palte
180deg C

Plate modulated RF Power Amp - Class C Telephony

Max CCS ratings  DC plate volts 1600
DC grid 2 volts                            400
DC grid 1 volts                           -300
DC plate current                         1.05 amps
DC grid 1 current                         0.2 amps
Plate input                                 1650 watts
Grid 2 input                                   25 watts
Plate dissipation                         1300 watts

RF Power amplifier and oscillator Class C Telegraphy and Class C FM

Max CCS Ratings

DC plate volts                           2000
DC grid 2 volts                            500
DC grid 1 volts                           -300
DC plate current                         1.25 amps
DC grid 1 current                          0.2amps
Plate input                                 2500 watts
Grid 2 input                                   40 watts
Plate dissipation                         2000 watts


Looks a bit like it's well characterised in grounded grid operation,
although I don't see why.


Peter G3RZP

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