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[AMPS] YC156/3CPX5000A7 and 3CX15000B7 data.

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Subject: [AMPS] YC156/3CPX5000A7 and 3CX15000B7 data.
From: (Dave Kirkby)
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 18:37:20 +0100
Following several requests, I have put full data sheet for the following
3 Eimac tubes on the Universities ftp site:

YC156             - some of these are surfacing now.
3CPX5000A7 - Identical to above, apart from some tests at Eimac (Eimac
tell me this).
3CX15000B7 -  Same grid, heater and cathode as the above tubes, and a
starting point for the getting SSB data for the above two tubes (again
info from Eiamc). I guess this means the YC156 should be run at a
cathode bias of about 35 V.

ftp to
username = anonymous, password is your user name.

I have a circuit for a 2m amp, using the 3CX5000A7, which is
mechanically identical, but electrically different from the
3CPX5000A7/YC156 - courtesy of Eimac. I'll scan that if anyone is
interested. However, it is just about impossible to follow.

I can send as an email attachment.  The quality of the YC156 data sheet
is not great - its a scanned image of a photocopy of a FAX
...... etc etc etc. The other two are GIF scanned images from original
data sheets.

If anyone wants to upload to a web site please feel free. I know some
people have data sheets on their web site.


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