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[AMPS] FW: Mail failure

To: <>
Subject: [AMPS] FW: Mail failure
From: (Jim AH6OY)
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 07:18:20 -1000
    The Government e-mail allows a guy to go into the mail pick up area over
in the Pentagaon for example and decide if you want the message to download
and keep or just read it and reject the message as a failure responce. I
guess it's the same for big business systems also. For what ever reason it's
an available option for big systems. Or like the other reason's failed
attempt to transfer is failure. Also I figure a blocked e-mail for you in a
guy's configuration of say Outlook from Microsoft would probably respond to
you as a failure.
    Have fun and don't forget to run when you get caught. Monday morning
            73  Jim  AH6OY

>Boy, I guess there could be many reasons why this Mail Failure message
>appears - what do the reflector administrators want us to do if we see
>I had assumed that I was getting it alone but I suppose that's not
>likely (or possible?)
>This is troubling - so much for complex error-correcting systems, HI !
>Snip 1:
>It means the email you sent did not get through.  It could be a bad
>or a screw-up at the provider.  My provider has been down a lot lately
>sent back some of the email sent to my company.  That hurts and costs me
>Snip 2:
>I suspect from the address is that someone at Motorola Government
>Electronics group (possibly in Phoenix) was a subscriber. There has been
>change in e-mail addresses there, and the old ones bounce - back to the
>Snip 3:
> Various people abondon the accounts.  They sometimes fix the


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