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[AMPS] MFJ-259 and matching circuits

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Subject: [AMPS] MFJ-259 and matching circuits
From: (Peter Chadwick)
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 16:54:13 -0000
>I guess I don't understand British humor or what Peter is getting at.

Just that it's fine if your assumptions on input impedance are correct. If
they aren't, then you're no better off using the MFJ than any other method.
So the question comes down to this:

Having set it up with the MFJ 259 (is there anything symbolic about that
number?) how good is the input match under live conditions? That's the real
test, and being a little bit cynical, I'll wait to hear how close to a match
you've got under real working condx.

Input impedance of Class A grounded grid is 1/gm, but I'm pretty sure that
doesn't apply to Class AB or B, especially with grid current.

        And I can't resist commenting that this is where the advantage of
grounded cathode, passive grid shows up!


        Peter G3RZP

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