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Subject: [AMPS] electrolytics
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Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 11:45:54 -0500

On Mon, 01 Feb 1999 14:01:45 -0600 Mark Brown <>
>Hi All
>       I am resoring a Johnson Thunderbolt II for someone & need
>to replace the electroltics. My closest parts source is Digi
>Key. Are the panasonic tshb capacitors suitable for the HV
>filter stack?
>               Thanks
>               Mark

Pick up a Mouser catalog and check out the CDE 381LX series or Mallory
CGS computer grade. There is retrofit room in the T-Bolt.
I have yet to find a suitable and available axial lead electrolytic that
will withstand the ripple currents in a HV supply. Mallory will build
them on order and I used to stock them but it takes a long time to sell
250 pieces.
Perhaps if there is enough interest I will undertake the project again.
They would be 100MF @ 450V.

73   Carl   KM1H

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