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[AMPS] RE: 4-1000A input Z

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Subject: [AMPS] RE: 4-1000A input Z
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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 01:11:09 -0500

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999 22:54:23 -0600 Jon Ogden <> writes:
>>(remember Carl's suggestion from way back of using
>>the ARCO mica compression trimmers)
>Where can one get the ARCO compression trimmers?

Carl just got several hundred more in  stock.  Many popular values and
more are on back order. 

I would also suggest toroids for the L and not an archaic slug tuned
coil. I often suspect a lot of ham type problems are caused by coupling
from coil to coil when solenoid type coils are used without consideration
of the coupling issue. Toroids greatly reduce that problem and still
offer some adjustment via turns spacing.

73  Carl  KM1H

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