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[AMPS] Phantom 1400 Linear, not.

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Subject: [AMPS] Phantom 1400 Linear, not.
From: (Skip S Isaham)
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 04:56:41 EST
Hi Tom
Subject: [AMPS] Phantom 1400 Linear
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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 16:45:08 -0500
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;    This is my first time submitting to this reflector so I hope any
faux pas
;will be forgiven. A neighbor of mine has a linear amp for sale. As the
;indicates it is called a Phantom 1400. I believe it was sold under the
guise of
;being for Hams but in reality was used for illegal CB operation. My
;are as follows:

It was always sold as a CB Amplifier. Probably of the typical sweep tube
design and uses two stages. Low power operation is just driving the
second stage direct.

:      I. Could someone on this reflector relay  useful information about
:amp or its specifications that would          give me an idea of the

Sweep tubes, there are many common types that were used.  two, three or
four, sometimes six tubes driving many others. Based on the power rating.
One phantom I saw had 4 driving 8.. Quite the sight.
They are a true CB linear, drive in excess of 4 watts gives you contact
with VCRs and telephones for miles.

;      II. Would there be value to purchasing this amp as a method to 
;parts for an amp project I am            planning or would I just be
;the volume of my junk box ?

If the tubes are good, this amp could be rebuilt using the Dentron GLA
1000B as a guide, just use six tubes instead of four. You'll have plenty
of spare tubes around to last.  It is quite the task.

:    III. If the answer to # II is yes what might be a fair price to pay?

If your a real dedicated project builder, prob $150 max. A good deal
would be 50 to 100.  

:     Thank you in advance for your assistance.
:     Paul Lunn W8CKW
:     Swanton Oh.  43558
:     E-Mail

Sweep tube amplifier talk catches hell from the "handle'" guys, but they
are poor mans method of  >10dB when done right.  The big killer of sweep
tubes are poor cooling and over drive.  For SSB operation, they can pack
quite the kick.

Also, the plate Z is often quite low for this amplifier. Practical
operation is usually limited to slightly above the six meter band with
most tubes of this type.

The classic, time vs money tradeoff...    Are you builder or buyer?



ps, you can email me direct if you need additional info.

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