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[AMPS] HV Capacitor becoming bad ?

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Subject: [AMPS] HV Capacitor becoming bad ?
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Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 13:27:06 -0500

On Sat, 06 Feb 1999 12:29:49 +0900 ohashi <>
>HV meter of  my Henry 2KD-5 shows strange.
>Immediate after POWER ON, indicates 3.0KV and moving up
>to 3.2 KV 2 minutes later at stand-by state (no idle current to
>3-500Z x2).   Is this a sign of bad HV capacitor ? 

It could indicate a problem. Or it could be component drift in the
metering circuit. If possible try measuring the HV with a known good VOM
and test leads adequate to the task.

>PS: Strange symptom of my amp which I reported two month ago
>(parasitic osc ?) has been disappeared after cleaning and securely
>fastening sockets and plate caps and swapping location of 3-500Z's
>each other.  TNX Carl ! 

You are welcome Kazuo.

GL/73  Carl  KM1H

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