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[AMPS] Still more on B&W 850A

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Subject: [AMPS] Still more on B&W 850A
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 22:33:26 -0600
Still got more on the B&W850/850A tank inductor!

It appears to me that if you increase the value of the 10M coil on this 
beast by about 1 nH, you can get a reasonable 10M Q of about 18.  The 
value of the coil then would be about 1.8 nH.  This also gives reasonable 
Qs on the other bands as well.  This would dovetail with some of the 
stuff Carl has said about changing the value of the 10M coil.

The only difficulty then is the fact that the 4-1000A has about 7.6 pF of 
Cout.  Put this in parallel with my Tune Cap's minimum C of 10 and you 
have pretty much the value that is calculated for Ctune (~18 pF) (Or is 
this a bad assumption? - I am ignoring the effect of the DC blocking 
caps).  Any more inductance to push the Q lower will result in a Ctune 
value that is unobtainable.

If I wanted to push my Q a little lower, how would I accomplish this?  
Should I put another cap in series with my vaccum variable?



Jon Ogden
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