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[AMPS] TL 922 reviews ?

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Subject: [AMPS] TL 922 reviews ?
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 00:26:39 -0800

>I have been thinking about buying a new amplifier for the shack.  I have 
>been looking at several amplifiers which use the 3-500s, and finding out 
>as much as possible about them ie reading reveiws etc.
>Quite a number of my local friends suggested I looked at the tl 922 and I 
>have been trying to get any reviews on the amplifier but no luck.  Some 
>time ago I did notice 2 reviews in the back issues of QST, and followed 
>the instructions on the ARRL web page to get copies sent to me but as yet 
>nothing has arrived here.
>I was wandering would anyone have a copy of these articles I could read, 
>the isssues in question are
>Sept 1980 and July 1992.
As I recall, Rus Healy et al's July-1992 review stated that the TL-922 
design is somewhat dated.  Surely this is the case.  However, I believe 
the 922 is potentially a trouble-free, competent amplifier --  provided a 
few circuit improvements are made.   There is an article on my Web site 
about these improvements.  

>Also any users of 922s I would really appreciate any reports also.  I do 
>operate on 12m and 17m a lot is there any problems tuning here.
The input swr is c. 2.5:1 on 12m and 17m unless the tuned inputs for 10m 
and 15m are mistuned.   However, by using an antenna tuner, one can make 

-  later,  Glenn


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