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From: (Loren Moline WA7SKT)
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 13:40:14 -0800
For those who are interested I have just finished a power supply for my
4CX250B linear and it has a total of 5 relays in the control scheme.

The relays are:

1.  Remote power supply on.
2.  Filament warm up timer.
3.  High voltage primary power.
4.  Primary resistor current limit resistors cutout.
5:  Screen voltage to high voltage interlock.

The power switch in the linear only handles the current of the 12 volt
remote relay.

Power supply has a local/remote switch for power on.

Screen supply is 350 volts regulated by zener diodes.

Loren  WA7SKT 

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