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[AMPS] Amplifier for CW

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Subject: [AMPS] Amplifier for CW
From: (Roy Koeppe)
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 09:48:09 -0600
Hi Bob,

My  QRO PINS are courtesy of DEO, a la QSK-1500. It is an early model and
has served me well for 14 years' hard duty. Have installed several mods
which now make that unit bullet proof. I have the owner's manual and the
precious "shop" manual. I think locating one of these is your best
bet--they're still floating around out there. K4WJ just bought one, and
K1NDV has now hoarded four of 'em.

The complete classic article for PIN diode QRO is: "HIGH  POWER RF SWITCHING
WITH PIN DIODES"  January HR, 1985, page 82.

Good luck and 73,     (Yes, forget IMD).

Roy     K6XK

Roy and Joy Koeppe
P.O. Box 43
Rolfe, IA  50581
712 848-3253

"Simplicity is Ingenuity"

>Hi Roy,
>Im in the process of building an amp w/ pair of 3-500 tubes and
>am curious about your PIN diode switching scheme.  Any chance you
>can send me a copy of the drawing or give me some references to
>check out?
>73, Bob, W5AH
>P.S. Only mic I own is on my 2 meter mobile rig.
>FISTS 5226

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