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[AMPS] YAESU FL-7000 Tuner Problems.

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Subject: [AMPS] YAESU FL-7000 Tuner Problems.
From: (Pawel SP7NMW)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 22:49:41 -0000
Hello OMs.

Would you please to help me with my FL-7000 amplifier. Yesterday evening the
amplifier didn't tune and it is not possible to operate it.

Here are the details:

1. When I change the band in my FT-1000MP the FL-7000 also changes the band
and the yellow "WAIT" lamp lights. But it lights all the time. FL-7000 does
not tune and the "READY" light does not flash. I waited over 15 minutes and
it doesn't work.

2. When I tried to work without tuner, the "PROTECT" lamp flashed even in
5-10 Watts from transceiver, so it is not good way to operate with the
amplifier without tuner......

3. It seems, that when the "TUNER" button is on there is a little
attenuation of the receive signal. When I pushed off the button incoming
signal was right.

Your help would be fine.

Best 73,
Pawel, SP7NMW

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