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[AMPS] load testing HV Pwr supplies

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Subject: [AMPS] load testing HV Pwr supplies
From: (Jim AH6OY)
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 13:13:33 -1000
 Your answer for the resistor to use is "not under 100K and 50 -100" watts".
This is refered to as a big glowbar job.  Play safe and do wear rubber shoes
and safety glasses incase a resistor blows. Concerning the testing the
transformer for heat. I'll just say don't touch the transformer so that I
can sleep tonight. Also a big transformer will draw lots of current on your
wires inside of the walls of your house. That's heat where you can't see it.
I hope you understand. Oh yah.... Even the greatest electronics guys have
the urge to touch the resistor after or during the test. It could burn you a
minute after completely disconecting it. Don't touch it. Feeling the
resistor is a good way to see if it's hot then you are presenting a good
high current load that allows the transformer to run. Be nice and ask the
power company to help you test it. Then while you are conversing with one of
the HV guys helping you he can check and make certain the poles to your
house have the breakers to stay online when you start cranking the 3KV wide
open. I have a 6KV / 3KV transformer and have never tested it. Let me know
how it goes. There always is the option of not testing it. Try looking at
the below site and using the "Listed in DRMO order" link to view items in
your area. You might find the resistor waiting for you. Bid what it's really
worth to you and ask others for help in figuring out what to bid. Area's
with closed bases are a gold mine.
If you are the Rosky in CA the link will be good but If you are in Russia
the Duetchland site's are good.
  Jim  AH6OY

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