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[AMPS] Re: HV Power Supply questions

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Subject: [AMPS] Re: HV Power Supply questions
From: (Bob Marston)
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 21:05:10 -0800
At 08:20 PM 2/19/99 -0800, Rich Measures wrote:
>>In terms of mounting
>>these caps like you said I'm not planning to use metal clamps. What I'm
>>looking to do is use 2 pieces of plexiglass. The top piece will be machined
>>out to accomodate the capacitors with the caps being secured to the buttom
>>with silicone. Then mounting the bottom pieces to the chassis with
>>conventional hardware.
>What is the purpose of the machined piece of plexiglass?

Rotational stability. The machined piece of plexiglass will be mounted 3 to
4 inches above the bottom piece with stand offs. The holes for the
capacitors will be drilled oversized so as not to induce any stress on the
caps. I'm doing this because I'm planning to have the finished product
mounted on castors. I see the silicone as being a translational anchor that
may not be able to stand up to the torque induced by the caps over years of
use in a semimobile fixture.

BTW  Your arguments for the consideration of the 8171 are quite convincing.

More to come

Bob K1TA

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