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[AMPS] Filament Choke Question (RE: Handbook example)

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Subject: [AMPS] Filament Choke Question (RE: Handbook example)
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Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 12:19:19 EST
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 Is the 8877 set up this way so that the filament pins are isolated from 
 the cathode?  Is that why he's able to get away with it?  I'm ignorant of 
 how the 8877 is set up.

that is the beauty of 8877, cathode is separate from filaments, no need for
choke, just have to wait for them glowers to heat up, abt 3 min.

Note on some chatter about parasitics, impedances, etc. One way to get around
it is to use monoband design. I have my 8877s designed for monoband operation
(I call it Monobandit) with good old plug in coils on the input (whole pi net
in a can) and output PI-L with optimized shortest possible lead layout. No
problem with parasitics, low harmonics, nice compact and RELIABLE!
For serious contester better way to go, have monoband decks (you can buildem
from scratch for price of one of 'em commercial succers) One hefty PS could
feed the whole happy family of monobandits (TM K3BU). Keep the Titan for
backup, just in unlikely case.

73 de monobandito K3BU 

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