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[AMPS] Tube IMD/6146/4cx10000

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Subject: [AMPS] Tube IMD/6146/4cx10000
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 07:18:45 -0800

>Carl says:
>>Is it worth going beyond -40dB on HF ?  Or even -20 during a contest !
>I'd doubt it - though I have seen military specs calling for -60dB on two
>tones in the passband such that the 7th order IP's were in band. Since HF
>can raeley give 60dB SNR, I don't see the point.......
>Rich says:
>>?  People purchase automobiles that will go faster than the 65 miles per 
>>hour speed limit.  My wife drives one that will go 3db faster.  The 
>>8171/4CX10,000D can be run at 10db gain or 20db gain.  
>If the amp follows the usual '3 for 1' 3rd order IMD rule, an amp that runs
>-40dB 3rd order IMD  at 1kW out should be -34 at 2kW,...

?  Probably not in this case.  To get 10db-gain / 1400 w out of mine, I 
ran it in Class A instead of Class AB1.  

-  later, Peter.  


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