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[AMPS] 3-500Z chimneys

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Subject: [AMPS] 3-500Z chimneys
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 10:42:01 -0800

>Cooling the seals is far more important than running
>air past the glass. I also believe the coleman lantern
>glass would not be best. There is good reason why
>EIMAC chimneys curve in at the top...
>73, Paul  K7CW
?  Melting solder from pins 1 and 5 is common on the 3k-A and 2k-4, both 
of which use air system sockets.  Melting solder from pins 1 and 5 in a 
SB-220 is virtually unheard of provided that the fan bearings are oiled 
every two years.  //    Why does the Eimac heat dissipating anode 
connector have the fins going the wrong direction for Eimac air system 
>---Rich Measures <> wrote:
>> >
>> >I have a need for several 3-500Z tube chimneys. Reportedly Coleman
>> >globes can be used. Has anyone tried this?
>> >
>> Ä  The 6" transverse-fan / split-chassis cooling method used in the 
>> SB-220 provides way mo' betta cooling   How do I know this?:  By 
>> comparing the color of the ink on the glass envelope after years of
>> Rich...


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