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[AMPS] Tube rating question

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Subject: [AMPS] Tube rating question
From: (Joe Subich, W8IK/4)
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 23:09:05 -0500

> I don't think they're talking about class A, are they?  If an 
> amplifier were 65% efficient, I would expect to be able to get 
> around 1200 watts from this much plate disssipation.  What am 
> I missing here?

The 750 watts is "useful power output," i.e. output after plate 
circuit losses.  The real kicker is the MAXIMUM rated plate 
current of .6 Amps.  With Max E and Max I that's 1350 max watts 
input or maybe 875 watts out at 65% efficiency.  I suspect this 
is one tube limited by cathode emission capacity. 

   ... Joe Subich, W8IK/4  ex-AD8I

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