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[AMPS] FL-2100B Plate Choke rewind?

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Subject: [AMPS] FL-2100B Plate Choke rewind?
From: (Bob & Kay Lockley @ DAYBREAK CAMPFARM)
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 00:03:22 +0800
Hi all,
The plate choke in my recently acquired FL-2100B has a burnt midsection in
the step-wound plate choke - it and the blocking cap and one 2R2 plate
resistor arced when I was trying to see if it would tune up on 18mHz in the
21 mHz position. It emitted a loud BANG, a bright flash blue/white, (and a
small stream of smoke from the resistor).
I guess I need to rewind the choke - Is the wire size/type critical? Is the
shape of the winding (?step  wound?) critical? While I am at it, is there a
mod I can use to make it more friendly on 18mHz?
Thanks & 73,
Bob VK6KW.

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