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[AMPS] Screen stabilization in 30S-1?

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Subject: [AMPS] Screen stabilization in 30S-1?
From: Jim" < (Jim)
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 10:34:09 -0800
Leave it works fine......If you ever want to sell the amp to
a Collins "collector"  it surely would not
be stock....and sure wouldn't want it....

Jim W7RY

Starting my Collins collection

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Date: Saturday, February 27, 1999 11:26 AM
Subject: [AMPS] Screen stabilization in 30S-1?

>Someone e-mailed to ask how to stabilize the screen voltage in the
>Collins 30S-1.
>The 30S-1 uses a 4CX1000 with a DC-grounded screen, and it derives its
>total anode-cathode voltage from a positive anode-screen supply and a
>negative screen-cathode supply, the two supplies being stacked in
>That means the so-called "screen" supply has to provide several hundred
>mA of cathode current as well as the few tens of mA for the screen. It's
>way beyond the current capabilities of normal screen stabilizers such as
>zeners, AG6K's series regulator or my Tetrode Boards, all of which are
>only good for a few tens of mA.
>It would be possible to stabilize the screen-cathode voltage by radical
>re-wiring - essentially by leaving the existing two stacked supplies to
>float, and providing the screen voltage separately - but has anyone
>found a simpler idea that will work with the 30S-1?
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