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Subject: [AMPS] Blowers, meters
From: (Bob Dodson WB5APD EM84ak)
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 15:05:55 -0500
Here is original post abt the panel meters;

        I was looking for some Modutec 3 1/2" panel meters. Thanks to
all who
gave me Modutec phone number and Newarks phone number. Here is what I
found. Note - I found a company who can setup a Modutec meter for any
value you need etc. Called PeachState Instruments. See info below on my
meter saga.
                        Modutec Panel Meters
        Got some good info on the meters. Allied Electronics
1-800-433-5700 is
a good source if they have what you want in stock. I was looking for
Modutec 3 1/2" 0-1 dc amp, and 0-100 dcma. They were out of the 0-1
dcamp. Said it would take a month. Called Modutec and they said call
Meter Masters 1-800-241-4443. They said would take 2 weeks to get them.
Called Newark Electronics they don't stock them and would have to
special order.
        Now for the good news. Called PeachState Instruments at
They will ship what I want monday. Talked to a guy there named Jack. He
said they will setup a meter for any scales (value) you want 0-1 amp,
0-2 amp etc etc. They use Modutec parts to custom make any meter
movement u like. Cost is same or less than ordering from Allied. Each
meter is about $45.00. I am getting a modutec 3S series 3 1/2" 2%
accuracy. These meters require no external shunts etc. They match the
scales and internal shunts to what u want it to be from original modutec
parts. If you later want to change a 0-1 dc amp to 0-2 dc amp just send
them the meter and for about $15.00 they will put a new scale on it and
internal shunt or whatever is needed. All from original Modutec parts.

        Many thanks to all for all your input and help. 

David A. Pruett wrote:
> Does anyone have advice on a source for 1700 RPM blowers such as Rich
> describes?  The only info I have is for Dayton out of the Grainger catalog
> and all the models listed are 3000+ RPM.
> Second, I know there was a discussion some months ago about a source for
> Modutec panel meters.  Was that ever solved successfully?  Does anyone have
> suggestions on other types of panel meters?  I've been searching my
> catalogs but it seems like several of the traditional meter suppliers have
> dropped out of the business.  A web search for "panel meters" has been only
> slightly productive.
> Thanks in advance.
> 73,
> Dave Pruett, K8CC
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