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[AMPS] 30S1 HV Cap Needed (C206)

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Subject: [AMPS] 30S1 HV Cap Needed (C206)
From: (Leigh)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 19:01:15 -0700
Some may remember that I have been having trouble with my 30S1
blowing the HV line fuses when increasing the drive (and,
therefore, the plate current).  I was pretty darn sure it was the
filter choke as it has always looked like it got cooked at high
temperature sometime during it's life.  Well, I replaced it but
it didn't cure the problem.  However, in the process, I found
that the high-voltage capacitor, C206, the capacitor that is in
parallel with the choke, is leaking oil and is probably the
culprit of my problem.  So I am looking for a 0.15 uF 5000V
capacitor to replace it.  I would prefer a direct Collins
replacement if someone has a spare.  It is C206, Collins part
#930-0035-000, 0.15 uF, 10%, 5000V.  Thank you for your time.

73 de Mike
Mercer Island, WA

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