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[AMPS] Screen protection WHAAAATTTTTT!!!!

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Subject: [AMPS] Screen protection WHAAAATTTTTT!!!!
From: (measures)
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 04:39:03 -0700
>Rich says:
>       >...  too much power is lost with large tetrodes - which have No 
>       >requirement for ability to shunt large negative screen currents.  For
>       >8171, we are talking about adding a several kV supply and very roughly 
>       >500w on standby.  
>If there's no negative screen current, then you can get away without a shunt
>screen supply, admittedly. But you made a blanket, general staement. There 
>ways of shunt and series regulating at voltages over 800. 

One could shunt regulate the 9kV anode supply if one wished.  With more 
than 800v on a screen, there is virtually no reverse current.  With 400v 
screens, shunt regulators are quite right.  With 1500v  screens, crowbar 
protected pass regulators are more suitable.  


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