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[AMPS] AL-811 or/or AL-811H

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Subject: [AMPS] AL-811 or/or AL-811H
From: (Steve Hajducek)
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 17:40:41 -0300
Hi Gary,

At 02:37 PM 7/1/01 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi to the list,
>I asked a similiar question not long ago but this time
>am making it more specific.  If you have the AL-811 or
>the AL-811H please send the following:
>* Which amp - the 811 or 811H?
>* Your power out in SSB?
>* How you made the measurement?
>* Your meter readings during voice peaks on SSB?
>* Your exciter drive power to get max power out?
>Thanks so much.
>73 de N5PHT, Gary

In my opinion either are good if you can find one in new condition
for less than half the new selling price.

I have an AL-811 that hits max drive at 60w, beyond that you
will overdrive the ampfifier and either ALC hookup is needed or
a monitor scope.

It does work on the WARC bands, but I need to turn on the rigs
automatic antenna tuner for all three WARC bands to get a good
VSWR as the tuned input circuit is not broad enough. They have
the units set up for double duty rather than separate tuned inputs
for the WARC bands, at least my version. My SB-220, with the
exception of 30m, blows this input circut away.

The output from the AL-811 is 450w CW into a Bird 43 and load
and 650w pep on a Daiwa NS660P

Good luck.

/s/ Steve, N2CKH

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