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[AMPS] good news, Ham Radio Magazine... now on CD Rom

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Subject: [AMPS] good news, Ham Radio Magazine... now on CD Rom
From: (Doug Hall)
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 09:06:25 -0400

I was fortunate enough to be given a complete collection of Ham Radio
magazines by a friend of mine. I have found them to be a wealth of
information, with many good articles on amplifier design and
construction. As far as I'm concerned the ones from the Jim Fisk era
are the best.

It's also interesting to note that a number of folks who wrote for Ham
Radio many years ago can still be found here on the amps reflector.

Doug, K4DSP

>By the way, is 73 magazine still in publication?  Haven't had my Wayne Green
>fix in a long time.
>Steve W4IMF

Sorry, I can't resist this. I don't know if 73 is still around or not.
But here is an abbreviated version of any of his editorials:

"I've started more magazines than most people have read. I started
RTTY, FM & Repeaters, and SSTV. I don't do CW, but it's easy if you
use my tapes. I used to work at CQ before I got fired and started my
own magazine. Before that I was in broadcasting, and before that I ran
a sub in WWII. I've been to every country and operated from most of
them. I have enough stamps in my passport to get DXCC. I stayed at
King Hussein's palace for two weeks. We were buddies. My father knew
Amelia Earhart. I used to race cars. I saw computers coming and gave
the personal computer industry its start. Same with the compact disc
industry. If you've done it, I've done it more. If anyone else has
done it, I did it first, or at least thought about it first. Ham
radio, colleges, public schools, and the ARRL are all hopelessly
broken. You're fat and lazy, but if you take my advice you can get
skinny and live forever like me. I don't brag, I just state facts. Oh,
and by the way, NASA faked the moon landings."

There - how's that for a Wayne fix? :-)

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