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[AMPS] Big Bangs

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Subject: [AMPS] Big Bangs
From: (Peter Chadwick)
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 16:18:42 +0100
Rich said;

>Electroilytic life expectancy is ?20 years for the older design

However, I've got some pre WW2 electrolytics (8 mFd, 450 volt) that still
measure fine for capacity and leakage(under 10 microamps at 400v). Probably
because they were (are) in a receiver power supply where it had a choke input
filter so the ripple current was very low, and they were mounted such that they
stayed pretty cool. I also have a WW2 vintage 32mFd 450v unit that is
electrically fine, but 2 inches in diameter and 5 inches long. That tends to
limit its usefulness......

On the other hand, I had some professional grade large 1000 mFd 500v caps go in
ten years, despite a  tuned choke input filter and being at the bottom of the

The Sprague 36D caps are rated in terms of amps of ripple current: the current
rating varies with capacity. I don't have a catalogue here, but do somewhere at
home. I suppose a 'rule of thumb' is that if the connections are screw
terminals, that's a good start.


Peter G3RZP

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