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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 10:55:44 -0700
>re:  HR & 73 Mag
>re: HR's lack of a technical editor...
>Might have been more productive in the long run. The 
>ARRL does have a Technical Editor and look what 
>happened in your case, Rich... 

/\  When I began writing for *QST* (Oct., 1988), the magazine had a 
Technical Editor. 
When the schism occurred in Sept., 1994, the magazine had no Tech. 
>73 Mag is alive and about the same.  They had a 
>booth at Dayton where $20 brought a year subscription 
>to the door, so I went for it and have received two 
>issues since Dayton. 

/\  So when is your radio station gonna be Cold Fusion powered?
>73 was often a rehash of the same 25 simple 
>projects... how many times can one build a J-Pole 
>for 2 meters.   Wayne is still writing 5 page intros 
>about getting young people interested in ham 
>They do mention a serious desire and solicit for 
>technical articles, throwing out the cash "bone" to 
>entice authors... but it's really not much money. 
/\  Wayne Green did not get to be burdened with wealth by freely spending 
his Green-stuff. 

>I think authors often end up working for less than 
>California min wage (about $6 an hour) when it 
>all comes out. 

/\  Readable authors very seldom work for peanuts.
Cheers, Skipp
>: From: 2 <>
>>HR was the best thing going and still holds it own 
>: /\  The problem with writing post-Jim Fisk articles for HR was that they 
>: had no technical editor.  Thus, writers had deal with an editor that was 
>: hardly an electronics maven
>: cheers, Skipp

-  R. L. Measures, 805.386.3734,AG6K,  

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