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[AMPS] am transmitter

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Subject: [AMPS] am transmitter
From: (skipp s isaham)
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 21:01:43 -0700
Hello there, 
I've been very busy and have not been following 
the AM transmission topic as close as I probably 
should be.  But I thought to mention...
The very popular and common MC1496  or "1496" 
chip provides a practical method to generate ssb 
and am signals.  It might even be the most common 
used chip for this function as found in most SSB 
type CB's and a lot of amateur radios.   There's 
probably a similar AN type chip doing said, I have 
seen one used in various rigs.  Anyone tell me who 
has the data book for AN series labeled chips? 
AM generation is done low level, then amplified 
in successive linear rf stages. 
I haven't seen a newer LPB transmitter, but the 
equivalent AM unit by Radio Systems uses said 
chip and a rather novel limiter circuit. If enough 
interest happens, I'll put the circuit diagram up 
on the  server amateur 
radio pages. 
The earlier tube version LPB  AM transmitter 
manual along with circuit diagram and related 
information is already on the server and available 
for free down load.  I have at least one of each 
type in my collection, along with the carrier current 
interface. They work very well up on 160 meters. 
I often see these transmitter for sale on Ebay, 
prices go from $50 up to $350.  Regular 
broadcast transmitters can also be found for 
sale.  So are much am transmitter parts which 
include modulation transformers. 

From: John Lyles <>
Using a 4 quadrant balanced modulator to create the AM signal does 
appeal in a simple way. It only requires a linear amplifier to follow 
it. In some of the small 20 watt carrier current AM transmitters that 
LPB (Low Power Broadcast Co) made, they used this approach. And, as 
Rich says, it is used in some of the rice boxes for both AM and SSB 

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