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[AMPS] Emails with the big V

To: <>
Subject: [AMPS] Emails with the big V
From: (skipp s isaham)
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 18:30:07 -0700
Hello again, 
This last week, I've received about 8 Emails with 
attachments that are made to appear as messages 
from "friends" asking to "have a look at the file." 
The reply address uses a common name like 
Jim Pogamy or similar, nothing special name wise. 
Each received file has had a different name and 
they all have malicious code attached. 
Traced back to it's source, I've found the sender 
is bouncing many of the ones I received through 
the IP, of which I've taken steps 
to notify the
I receive a considerable amount of Email, a solid 
rule I have is to never even view an unsolicited 
attachment.  I delete it and reply to the sender 
(even if it's a known friend) to let me know what the 
attachment is and the reason for sending it. 
I deleted and replied in the mentioned fashion 
to the address of this last inbound code. There is 
an auto answer which spits out to any requests 
with an "Answer Email" which appears just as 
normal-nice...  a longtime friend. If you Email back 
twice, you will get two same answers back. 
Now I've received the same Email from a different 
person to my home nospam4me address, same 
deal applies... there's bad code attached. 
Immediately delete any unexplained attachments, 
if you have Norton or equivalent, update your 
definitions ASAP. 
I've examined some of the code and it's really bad 
news... the latest version made up to modify the 
windows OS and create havoc you don't need. 
Long live Linux thank you... 

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