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[AMPS] FW: Regarding alert/OT

To: <>
Subject: [AMPS] FW: Regarding alert/OT
From: (Phil Levin W2GE)
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 12:17:00 -0400

 Sorry this is off topic, but with all the v-i-r-u-s alerts going around....
 I have noticed that sometimes an attached file (from someone I
 know and that I want to open) has an extension of .zl9 on it??? I
 am running Zonealarm Pro....Does Zonealarm convert the extension
 (.jpg, mpeg, etc...) and add this as some sort of protective
 quarantine????  I also am using OnTrack Utilities for my v-i-r-u-s
 protection, registry fixer, etc...
 Thanks for any help, sorry to those that want AMPS only...
 Phil W2GE

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