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[AMPS] E-mail with V attached

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Subject: [AMPS] E-mail with V attached
From: (Rick Bullon)
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 04:37:05 +0000
One way to avoid this problem is simple and cheap.
Don't download any email to your computer. Use a web based email system like 
Hotmail. That way nothing is loaded on your hardrive and Hotmail scans ALL 
attachments for V's before it lets you download the attachment.
Another plus is you don't have to wait for the email to be downloaded it is 
already for you to read when you log on and if you want to save a message to 
your computer there is a provision to move it to a local folder on your 
hardrive. Also you can read messages sent to your pop mail box( the address 
you use at your ISP for mail)in Hotmail.
I have tried to download attachments that had known V's in them to a old 
computer I have here and Hotmail will simply not let me do it no way!!!
The downside to this method is unless you move ALL your messages to you 
local folders you have to be online to read your mail Not much of a downside 
if you pay a flat monthly fee for internet access.
I have had most of the know V's sent to this email address and I have never 
had a V on my machine since I started using Hotmail. Another thing is 
Hotmail is always current with a the V updates

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