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[AMPS] SELL:Low Profile 3-500's and 8877(60%)

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Subject: [AMPS] SELL:Low Profile 3-500's and 8877(60%)
From: (Ronald Lumachi)
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 07:45:24 -0400
SELL: Full output, matched pair of low profile Eimac 3-500's. Tested
(SB220)  at 1100+ watts  output with 100w of drive. Ideal replacements
for lower efficiency 3-400's in early design, minimum chassis clearance
amplifiers. $250pr + shipping/Ins.

SELL: Pair of low profile (horizontality finned) heat dissipating plate
caps ideal for  minimum clearance applications.   $15.

SELL:Peter Dahl 220VAC filament transformer(3-500's) rated at
5VCT@30amps. Has a 12VAC and  several 105-120VAC taps to control fan
speed.  Package includes a pair of porcelain 3-500 sockets  wired in
parallel with grid to ground straps intact and ready to drop in. Includes
spacers and chimney clamps.(Removed in new condx from Ameritron AL82).

SELL: Drake L4B filament transformer for a pair of 3-500's. $65+

SELL:  Drake L4B 3-500 sockets (wired in parallel with no cut wires)  and
3-500 chimneys, mounting hdw spacers  and spring loaded chimney clamps.
$70+ shipping/insurance

SELL: Reduced output Eimac 8877 (3CX1500A7). Tested at 1000W output in an
Ameritron AL1500 with 60w of drive and 3.6KV plate voltage. Clean, no
dents or discoloration and date coded 1983. Shipped in original Eimac
foam padded carton. Includes a Johnson drop in air system socket with
grid-to-ground tabs. Ideal candidate for a 6m amplifier project. Can
include HV plate choke for 50mHz operation on threaded  porcelain form.
$170+ shipping/insurance. 

 Ron W2CQM/3

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