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[AMPS] Want: info on Plasma Generator

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Subject: [AMPS] Want: info on Plasma Generator
From: (BLF)
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 09:10:23 -0700

Hi All,
   I am in need for the Schematics for a couple of
Plasma Generator's. I would like to convert them to
a 1.8-30 MHz Amateur Amplifier. They are tuned for
a frequency of 13.56 MHz. They are built by Enipower,
in Rochester, NY.

   Model's OEM-6A and OEM-12AL. The OEM-6A is a
600 watt unit and the OEM-12AL is a 1200 watt unit.
They are both Solid State.

   Also I am looking to talk to anyone that has
successfully converted one of these for use on the
amateur bands.

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Thank You,
Boyd  W6DSB

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