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[AMPS] HA-10 Warrior Parasitic Supressor Inductor Values

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Subject: [AMPS] HA-10 Warrior Parasitic Supressor Inductor Values
From: Ian White, G3SEK" < (Ian White, G3SEK)
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 14:08:19 +0100
2 wrote:
>>2 wrote:
>>>>2 wrote:
>>>>>>I applied the term "bogus" to the system I described, not the one that
>>>>>>is actually in the Heath Warrior.
>>>>>//  blowin' smoke
>>>>Just a plain fact. The circuits are different.
>>>//  Is the theory of operation different?
>>Basic electronic theory remains the same, but the circuit is different
>>so the ways they operate are too.
>//  Is neutralization at the operating frequency. or at the 
>anode-resonance frequency (c. 80MHz)?

We were just told that neutralization is carried out at the high end of
the operating range. 

It's just another kind of balanced bridge, so it should improve
stability at the VHF resonant frequency too, provided that phase-
inverting transformer is sufficiently broadband. More specifically, it
won't make VHF stability worse than the un-neutralized condition unless
the phase of the feedback has somehow reversed itself between 30MHz and
80MHz (which is easy enough to ensure).

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