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[AMPS] FS: Sigma XR-3000D amp minus tubes

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Subject: [AMPS] FS: Sigma XR-3000D amp minus tubes
From: (Lane Zeitler)
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 09:40:10 -0700
This is a 100 pound monster dual 3-500Z amp. No tubes in this. I am keeping 
them as spares for my Swan MK II. The amp needs a little TLC. The RF deck is 
fine and 100% ready to go. I started to add jumpers from the filament and 
power xmfr to terminal strips on the back so when you have to re-wire it for 
208, 240, or whatever you would no longer have to solder directly to the 
xmfr itself. I never quite finished adding this pigtail jumper. When last in 
use it was working great EXCEPT the plate and grid current shunts are out of 
whack and the Ip and Ig read low. I am getting rid of it because it is much 
harder to work on than I would like although it is built like the USS New 
Jersey and makes the AL-82 look like a tinker toy. The front panel is in 
really nice condx. With 130 watts of drive it will do 1500 out no problem 
but again, I am keeping the tubes. I have the scats. Prefer pick up so you 
can look her over yourself. I can ship but it will cost a ton since double 
boxed she will easily weigh over 115 pounds. $325 if picked up in San Diego 
or same price plus actual UPS charges from 92139 to your zip. UPS ground 
only and figure insurance for $1000 replacement value.


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