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[AMPS] glitch resistors

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Subject: [AMPS] glitch resistors
From: (OZ5IQ)
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 11:05:25 +0200
HI guys

Why are the most of you talking of HV resistors   ????  Be  realistic and think 
that this is to avoid the current during arc.

I Always put those current limiting devices at the LOW voltage potential.

A few ex. could be : at the center to GND of the HV trafo, 
                                   In the   - HV lead just between this and the 

This is GD construction  design, and you get the exact same kind of protection 
AND avoid  HV resistors  or HV  fuses.

VY 73 de  OZ5IQ    ex.  OZ1EME  group.     ( ) 

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