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Subject: [AMPS] re: need info on KLM amp
From: (skipp isaham)
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 01:29:50 -0700
re: KLM Amplifier info
A few years ago (more like 10 or 15), bare boards from 
the production line of KLM were being sold by HSC 
Electronics (a chain in No Calif.)  The circuit diagram 
was provided for the two or three power levels related 
to the two boards sold.  I probably still have the copies 
I received and can probably provide them to patient 
people who really need them. 
Although some might have been class C, there are 
many known conversions "out there" and one can 
easily be lifted from another similar design.  I have 
converted class C amplifiers into Linear operation 
by adding a bias network and output filter tweaks. 
The possibility is determined by the actual devices 
in the amplifier.  Some emitter balasted transistors 
don't operate in linear modes.  I have modified  
and "forced" commercial two way PA's into linear 
operation with very mixed results, some devices 
just don't work well in linear ckts.  I had a bit more 
luck with less specialized transistors. 
The devices in your klm should be looked up and 
to determine if they will operate in linear 
modes, hopefully you will find the power devices 
have more than house numbering labels. 
Some suppliers have Cross Ref tables to work 
back from. 
The bias circuit is "relatively" easy thing to add. 
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I picked up an old KLM 435MHz "brick" amp at a 
hamfest last weekend, with thoughts of using it for 
satellite work.  The model number is PA 15-110CL.
There was no paper work with it and I've come up 
dry searching the Internet for info.  It occurred to me 
later that since the amp was originally intended for 
FM work, it is not necessarily a linear amp and 
might not be suitable for SSB work.  Can anyone 
provide info on this KLM amp?  (OK, so it doesn't 
have any glowing bottles inside - still an amp!).
K8AC Floyd Sense - Angier, NC

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