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[AMPS] sb-200 band switch

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Subject: [AMPS] sb-200 band switch
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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 07:12:00 -0700
>Switch wafers from a no. of amps would undoubtedly work, but I have never
>been able to buy the wafers alone, and I don't want to buy an index ass'y. I
>don't need (wasted money), which is why I will be happy to see wafers alone
>being sold on the mkt. again, as they were many years ago!!
>   carl / kz5ca

//   My SB-220 is >18 years old.  It still has the original output 
bandswitch wafer, as does my TL-922.  However, neither one still has the 
original high-Rp parasite suppressors.   Neither amplifier has 
experienced a filament/grid shorted 3-500Z.  

cheers, Carl

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>Subject: Re: [AMPS] sb-200 band switch
>> > i am looking for a band switch for a heathkit sb-200.
>> > thanks don ve7ehp
>> Wafers from the AL80B switch can be moved to the SB-200 if you
>> have a damaged wafer.
>> 73, Tom W8JI
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