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Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 12:35:06 +0200
> Steve says:
> >Smacks of a mix of duff design, duff engineering and penny pinching. 
> Is it, I wonder, the result of the shortage of RF engineers that we 
hear so much
> about? Although the reality is not so much a shortage of engineers, 
but a
> shortage of ones prepared to work for the salaries on offer. Plus 
possibly too
> much reliance on CAD rather than checking the computer's answers to 
see if
> they're realistic?
> 73
> Peter  G3RZP

Nowadays, RF devices and apparatuses are mostly considered a carrier of 
digital informations like if they were a sort of virtual wide band 
No wonder if some designer doesn't know, or better doesn't care, about 
maximizing features with linear electronics and amplitude modulated 
signals, often considered an obsolte mode, expecially with consummer 
To have a general idea of the poor state of art with such kind of 
(design) problems, a modern car radio receiver, and expecially with MW, 
is already a good example of what kind of garbage is offered to the 
market by famous manufacturers without any fear to be blamed for.
What's even worse for us is that a large majority of amateurs have no 
knowdledge (or will to have it) and are less competent customers if 
compared with those of 20 years ago.

Mauri I4JMY

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