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Subject: [AMPS] IMD
From: (Peter Chadwick)
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 15:59:18 +0100
Steve said:

>So when the spectrum analyser shows -50odd 3rd order IMD out of my 2m
>transverter at 15W pep from a bipolar PA with no rf nfb, it's telling lies?

Quite possibly! You know as well as I do that given the ghost of a chance, a
spectrum analyser will lie like a personnel  manager (and they make politicians
look honest!) A DSP based spectrum analyser fed from a FET probe and you've no
chance of the truth.........

In case you think I'm being cynical, remember the definition of a cynic:
That which an optimist calls a realist


Peter G3RZP

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