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[AMPS] gla1000

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Subject: [AMPS] gla1000
From: (carl seyersdahl)
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 08:23:27 -0400
 A friend of mine has a gla1000 ,plain model, which has been modified to use
el509's. he states that 15 and 10 meters has no gain at all. I have
questioned him extensively on it, input filter, pi-net changes, etc. per the
svetlana mod. article, but no output except what is feeding thru. (100 watts
in). he states that the lower bands work fine. 500 or so watts out with
about 65 watts in . he and I have been over this thing in detail and have
not found anything beyond , in my opinion, some fault in the pi-net, but he
has said that it was checked both with an mfj analyzer and with a grid
dipper, and all seems to be tuning normally. does anyone here have any
thoughts to share on this one????
  thanks!!!   carl / kz5ca

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