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[AMPS] New tube in a SB230

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Subject: [AMPS] New tube in a SB230
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Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 11:05:41 -0700
>8874 with little pressurized compartment installed and blower attached?
>Haven't done it, but it always seemed the space was available and Heath used
>the conduction cooled tube just because that was a cool thing to do (pardon
>the pun).
I would go with a 3cx800A7.  
- cheers

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>> Subject:     [AMPS] New tube in a SB230
>> Hello all!
>> I have a SB230 with a broken 8873. That tube is impossible to get I so
>> wunder tube you guys out there put in instead?
>> Who has done a smart replacement to tell us other?
>> A time ago a saw a SB230 on ebuy with a 3CX800A7 instead, but that is also
>> a very expensive tube.
>> Regards
>> Tore Sandstrom SM7CBS
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