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[AMPS] IMD stats grounded anode 8877?

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Subject: [AMPS] IMD stats grounded anode 8877?
From: (Lamb)
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 20:27:37 -0700
Question: "can anyone tell me about the IMD stats on a grounded anode 8877
I'm working

This is a trick question, like the ones given by the college prof.

Looking at it from the input side, distortion will be infinite - since the
output waveform will never follow the input.

Looking at it from the output side, distortion will be zero - since there
will be no output.

Question: " What size fuse in the PS?"

Any size fuse will work, so long as it is smaller than the capacity of the
power supply.

Is there a prize for answering these correctly?

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