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[AMPS] RFI from Clipperton-L

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Subject: [AMPS] RFI from Clipperton-L
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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 09:58:57 -0700
>> GM: My Clipperton-L has begun causing in-band static on 15m, whenever
>> the STBY switch is turned to Operate. The noise varies with tune and
>> plate controls, and is loudest when the amp is tuned for max output.
>> No such noise on 20m; don't use it on other bands. Any ideas where to
>> start?
>What kind of tubes are you using? Some tube brands have a very 
>high cutoff voltage. 
>Clippertons make good oscillators on 15 and ten meters, because 
>they use 4 572B's in parallel and are not neutralized.

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